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Working in Malia, Crete in 2014

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We have the biggest selection of accommodation in Malia on the internet. We have accommodation all over Malia, to fit all budgets.

You can stay some where peaceful or right in the middle of the night life.
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Malia Location - Come and join the workers party 2014 - Dont be late - Have the summer of your life with MaliaWorkers.eu

Welcome to a brand new website specifically designed to help you find a summer job in Malia. We run our business in a professional and honest way. We are in direct contact with all the workers hotels in Malia and pass the prices of the hotels directly to you. Please use the links above to find your way around this website and feel free to contact us when you are ready.

Imagine five or six months of sunshine, seven Saturday nights a week, meeting dozens of people like you and having the time of your life. 

Every year young Brits have this experience working in young and lively resorts around the med, of all these resorts Malia is the undisputed King of the party towns. You can forget about long queues to get in clubs, dress codes and closing times, Malia is all about sun, music and partying.

To get by in Malia you can either save a load of money and simply stay out there as what's known as a ‘Malia bum’ or you can do what most people do and get a job in one of the hundreds of bars, clubs, restaurants and beach business’s. The pay isn’t great but the cost of living is cheap, if you really want this experience you only need to sort out three things:

Don’t make the mistake of booking a package holiday, if you are going to Malia as a worker don’t start your stay as a tourist! Many times we’ve seen people handing over most of their savings to pushy reps for over priced trips and then realising they were too broke to stay! When you start off in workers accommodation you start your summer on day one, you’ll meet all the other workers a lot quicker and you can concentrate on finding the right job that suits you.

Only pay the going rate: The cost of our rooms is the going rate for Malia, we have seen many people charged well over the odds , not least by a British company last year that charged 2000 Euros for a room between for a month! Our prices are guaranteed, even in peak season. 

Secure a room: Every season people have to go home as they cant find a room, particularly around July during the peak season. Booking with us completely removes this worry from your summer experience. 

Meet the workers and the tourists: We only rent rooms where you are more than welcome to bring back overnight guests. Many property owners will not allow this which can severely damage your love/social life!

Pay as you go, no bills: We don’t have any monthly deposit, you simply book the room and at the end of the month you’ve paid for you can pay for another month or not, the choice is yours. Many properties will ask you for a months rent as deposit, many times this is simply not returned, we will also never try to charge you for electricity, community tax or any other extra bill.